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Anni & Jasmin - lesbian storyline from German soap.

If you’re wondering whether or not to bother watch this video, let me just tell you there’s kissing in it. LOTS OF KISSING! Just saying.


Ever heard of them? Their story can be cliche but I think the writers handled it very well, I was captivated and invested in their relationship.

I present to you the Media Whore/Trend Lesbian couple

The chemistry between the actresses

They used to HATE each other and fought a lot



My current lesbian ships :)





Jasmin: “When i think something like this (about Turner’s heart transplant) hapenning to you , it… i would go crazy with fear”

Anni: “You just have weak nerves”

Jasmin: “Yeah…”

Anni: “But you don’t have to worry. I’m young and fertile… Yeah, that’s what my father always said to me: ‘Child, you’re young and fertile. Find yourself a guy’; I have no idea what made me think about that right now”

*Anni smiles*

*Jasmin smiles*

Jasmin: “I love you”

Anni: “Me too… you sensitive soul”


I think every TV lesbians couples should take some lessons from Anni and Jasmin from GZSZ, I mean, look at them : sexy, comfortable with each other, they go without hesitations for hugs, touches and kisses, and we can actually see sexual tensions between them.

Glee, Faking It, even Pretty Little Liars… Just give us some kiss and scenes like that, okay? ;)

HNITS One-Shot: Besotted


The first time they go to the movies on a real, official date, Hannah thinks she might pass out from giddiness. 

Hannah x Baker. 2,000 words. 

An outtake from Her Name in the Sky, Chapter 17. Details Hannah and Baker’s first time going to the movies as a couple. Spoilers for HNITS, but you don’t have to have read that story to read this one-shot. 

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HNITS One-Shot: The “Six-Pack” Backstory


Thought I would share this backstory behind the “Six-Pack.” I wrote it last summer for my own purposes when I was trying to unearth more about Hannah, Baker, and their friends. It helped me fine-tune my understanding of the group’s interpersonal dynamics. 

I’m sharing it in its original form, without making any edits. (It was last edited in September 2013.) Some things in here are already present in the novel, like the story of how Hannah and Baker met. Some details in here were later changed for the final draft of the novel. I’ll put an asterisk next to anything that needs clarification. Hope y’all enjoy! 

Hannah met Wally and Clay in her General PE class freshman year. Fall semester. Wally was scrawny but handsome, with his light brown hair and fern green eyes. He wore glasses. He looked like he would do absolutely anything to avoid hurting someone. When the PE coach told them what to do, Wally listened without questioning. He worked hard, played fair, didn’t draw attention to himself. He wasn’t great at anything, but he was good at everything. He was a fast runner. Hannah stood next to him one day, both of them leaning against the gym wall, and asked him if he had done the World Geography project yet. She knew that he knew they were in the same class. “Yeah, I did mine on Chile,” he said, and she was surprised that he didn’t sound shyer when he spoke. “I liked that section you read aloud from your homework last week. The one about South Africa. Is that what your project’s on?”

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HNITS One-Shot: Holy Thursday Redux


And this year, when Hannah presses her naked body to Baker’s naked body, Baker kisses her and whispers that she loves her. 

Hannah x Baker. ~2.5k words. 

Takes place in the spring of 2013, a year after the events of Her Name in the Sky.

They acknowledge it without acknowledging it. Baker brings it up one night in mid-February, during their goodnight phone call.

"What do you want to do for Easter?" she asks, her voice suddenly higher than normal.

The question surprises Hannah. “Oh—I don’t know,” she says, falling back into her desk chair. “Why, what were you thinking?”

"I don’t have class on Good Friday," Baker says tentatively. "I was thinking maybe I’d fly to Atlanta that Thursday night?"

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Unsubtle reactions to Paige McCullers


Nice photo-shoot…oh wait…she’s just getting gas.


Nice photo-shoot…oh wait…she’s just getting gas.



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